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Have You Experienced the Power of a Caframo Mixer?

When it comes to mixing large volumes, nothing beats the power of Caframo. Overhead mixers serve to speed up your general laboratory processes to create a smooth and functional workflow. Scientific Stirrers by Alaveta LLC. are your number one authorized Caframo dealer, providing the most extensive range of Caframo overhead mixers that are built to last. If you would like to increase the utility of your laboratory, then Scientific Stirrers has everything you need.

Convenient and Simple Stirring Methods for Large Volumes

At Scientific Stirrers, we understand that consistency is key when dealing with mixing large volumes. Caframo’s range of overhead stirrers is compact and easy to use, ensuring accurate mixing of your reagents and solutions every time. As the industry leader in overhead mixers, Caframo provides strength and durability in every design. Designed for convenience and long-lasting use, Caframo mixers will revolutionize the way you work.

We Offer a Stunning Range of Overhead Mixers

Overhead mixers are an inexpensive way to streamline your laboratory workflow. At Scientific Stirrers, we offer an extensive range of mixers to suit any application. Our compact and petite Caframo mixers are designed to reduce your space requirements for smaller volumes, and the ultra-torque models are engineered for efficiency across a range of applications. For labs that require mixing of a range of volumes, the crossover model is well suited to work on a stand, in a drum or on a customer mount and will mix up to 55 gallons of solution.

Authorized Caframo Distributor for Overhead Mixers, Parts and Accessories

When it is time to speed up your laboratory routine, you can trust Scientific Stirrers to deliver the most optimal overhead mixer for your requirements. We also stock authorized Caframo parts and accessories, so to find out more about your options, call us today at (908) 698-0348.