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Nothing beats the convenience and reliability of Caframo when it comes to laboratory equipment. Scientific Stirrers by Alaveta LLC. specialize in providing easy access to a range of Caframo overhead stirrers, clamps, shafts and accessories designed to deliver consistency and functionality in your lab. When you need nothing but the most accurate equipment, then Scientific Stirrers can provide the most versatile solution to suit your workflows.

Why Choose Caframo?

The appeal of Caframo for overhead stirrers is in the design. Each Caframo stirrer is powered by a small motor of less than a single horsepower, providing strength and stability without excessive power usage. Caframo is an industry leader in mechanical stirring, and with the clean, digital displays and die-cast motors inside every product, you will always have convenience at your fingertips. When it comes to purchasing your next overhead stirrer, Scientific Stirrers will assist you in finding the most practical application for your laboratory processes.

Extensive Range of Caframo Parts and Accessories

Scientific Stirrers stock an extensive range of Caframo parts designed to promote proper maintenance and functionality of your overhead stirrers. Whether you need chuck guards, chuck keys, or entire chuck sets, we can help you find the right Caframo parts for your existing equipment. We also stock Caframo screen protectors and sweep blades to enhance and protect your equipment, allowing for simple, efficient usage of your most important laboratory equipment.

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Choosing authentic Caframo parts for your overhead stirrers is the smarter way to work. Scientific Stirrers strive to deliver the biggest range of Caframo stirrers, impellers, parts and accessories designed to optimize the way that you work in the lab. To find out more about what we offer or to implement a new method of stirring in your lab, call us today at (908) 698-0348.