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Caframo Manual Heavy Duty Stand - A118

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This manual lift, heavy duty stand and base provides a solid mount for the Caframo Crossover when mixing in drums or tanks up to 48 in (122 cm) in diameter. This stand comes with a removable caster base which allows the stand to be installed permanently to the floor or any surface. The four swiveling caster base provides smooth travel and easy portability. When relocation is complete, two casters lock in place. Height is manually adjusted, in one inch increments secured in place by a clevis pin. The vertical mounting plate provides a clamping surface for the C-clamp to attach to – easy one person installation.

  • Caster Base Footprint

    102 cm x 102 cm (40” x 40”)
  • Material

    Carbon steel, painted
  • Square Base Footprint

    30.5 cm x 30.5 cm (12” x 12”)
  • Square Base Mounting

    6.4 mm (¼”) thickness, with four 14 mm x 25 mm (9/16” x 1”) slots and 250 mm (10”) center mounting holes secured with 13 mm (½”) anchor bolts
  • Stand Height

    99 cm – 145 cm (39”- 57”)
  • Vessel

    122 cm (48”) maximum diameter
  • Weight Capacity

    91 kg (200 lb) maximum
Features & Benefits


  • Heavy gauge plate steel & square tubingHeavy gauge plate steel & square tubing
  • Portable
  • Adjustable height


  • Durable stand to use with 1540 Crossover mixer
  • Easily move mixer without dismounting
  • Adaptable to use with a variety of vessels and equipment
  • CS-1740067

    Portable heavy duty stand, includes four swivel casters, two with brakes.

Downloads & Videos


  • How do I choose a mixing impeller?

    To choose an impeller the volume of the mixture, the size of the mixing vessel and the viscosity of the mixture should be known. The diameter of the mixing blade should measure one third of the diameter of the vessel, and be placed a distance of one third the diameter of the vessel up from the bottom of the vessel. For thicker mixtures, use a square or “U” shaped anchor paddle. These paddles have more surface area to contact the thick product being mixed. Because thicker mixtures are usually mixed more slowly a paddle diameter closer to the full diameter of the vessel can be used so that the product close to the edge of the vessel is mixed. (A150, A250 are examples of square blade paddles; U022, U044, U055, U510 or A183 are examples of anchor paddles).

  • The paddle I need is not listed on your website. Can you make what I need?

    We are happy to make custom paddles. Email or fax a drawing showing the specifications you need and a quotation outlining a part number, price and delivery will be emailed or faxed back for approval.

  • What is electropolishing?

    All stainless steel impellers and blades from Caframo are electropolished. Electropolishing is an electrochemical treatment performed on stainless steel to obtain a smooth, corrosion-resistant finish. This process also passivates the stainless steel by removing elemental iron and increasing the chromium concentration on the surface and nickel just beneath. The result is a chemically inactive part. Note that the process does not coat the part. Along with the improved appearance, electropolishing provides the following benefits:

    • Reduces stress-related cracking and metal fatigue

    • Increases the life span of the part

    • Optimizes sterilization as parts are easy and quick to clean

    Electropolished parts are used in the following industries:

    • Aerospace and automotive

    • Water purification

    • Food and beverage

    • Medical

    • Petrochemical

    • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic

  • How do I reduce the vortexing I am experiencing with my propeller?

    A baffle can be used in the vessel to reduce vortexing or the stirrer can be rotated slightly in the clamp so that the mixing shaft is not perpendicular. With the impeller on an angle, the vortex is broken and the introduction of air is minimized.

  • What are all the parts I need to start mixing?

    To start mixing the following parts are needed: stirrer motor, clamp, stand and mixing impeller. Go to the “Products” section to find the stirrers and accessories available. The Caframo BDC250 Petite stirrer comes as a package. It includes the stirrer motor, integral clamp, stand, and two mixing impellers (axial and straight blade).

  • Where can I find an impeller for the 1540?

    Caframo offers impellers for the 1540, such as a 4″ prop (A354) a 6″ prop (A356) and a 10″ anchor paddle (U510). If you are looking for other impellers, contact us to discuss further.

  • Do the casters lock on the A118 stand?

    The A118 stand has four swivelling casters, two of which have brakes to solidly lock the stand in place.

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