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Caframo Crossover Model 1540 Industrial Mixer

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  • MPN: 1540
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  • $4,099.99

A powerful combination of torque and electronic sophistication. The robust ½ horsepower motor, PC/PLC communications and extensive features make the Caframo Crossover 1540 Industrial Mixer unparalleled in the market. Mixing up to 200 litres (55 gallons) of basic pre-mix, industrial pilot plant volumes, or full production batches, this portable mixer weighs only 12 kg (26.5 lb). The resistive touch screen enables simple feature operation (timers, alarms, rotation direction, resume on power up, start, stop) without removing your gloves! Control the mixer with a PC or PLC via USB, RS232 or 4‑20 mA or data log speed and torque directly to a memory stick. Install immediately with standard 120 V cord set, and four bolt mounting. Optional plate or C‑clamp set attaches the Crossover to a stand, drum or customer mount and allows optimal shaft angle in vessel. Includes chuck, chuck key, chuck shaft guard, installed screen protector, USB memory stick, mounting bolts, power cord, manual, calibration certificate and three year warranty.

  • Ambient Temperature Operation

    5-40 ºC(41-104ºF)
  • Approvals - North America

    CAN/CSA 61010-1 & 61010-2-51 3rd Ed., UL 61010-1 3rd Ed.
  • Connectivity Ports

    Standard USB A, Mini USB B, DB9, 4-20 mA
  • Frequency

    60 Hz
  • Housing

    Flame Reardant Nylon 6
  • Output Power

    300 Watts (½ hp)
  • Relative Humidity Operation

  • Rotation Direction

  • Speed - High Range

    300-1500 rpm
  • Speed - Low Range

    50-299 rpm
  • Speed Accuracy

    Rolling average of 10 second period
  • Speed Display

  • Through Shaft

  • Timer



    3000 Ncm (264 in-lbs = 4248 in-oz)

    180 000 mPa·s (180 000 cP)
  • Voltage

    120 volt
  • Volume Maximum

    200 L (55 US Gallons)
  • Warranty

    3 years
  • Weight

    12 kg (26.5 lb)


    50-1,500 rpm
Features & Benefits


  • Resistive Touch Screen Display
  • Intuitive Speed Adjustment
  • Portable
  • 120 V cord set
  • Counter-clockwise rotation selection
  • Name Customization
  • Resume on Power up
  • Torque Zero feature
  • Cycle Timer
  • Run Time Display
  • Torque Min/Max Setting
  • Audible Alarm
  • PC/PLC connectivity
  • Multiple com ports
  • Data Logging
  • Sealed Housing
  • Quick Stop
  • Installed Screen Protector
  • Chuck Shaft Guard
  • Adjustable Keyed Chuck
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Brushless DC motor - fan cooled
  • Maintenance Free


  • Operate while wearing PPE or sterility gloves
  • Precisely set desired speed or adjust on screen
  • Meet the changing needs of multiple facilities
  • Easy installation to North American grounded outlet
  • Improve mixing and impeller functionality
  • Assign an identifier name or number to each mixer
  • Optional auto-start operation upon power restoration
  • Monitor viscosity changes as they relate to torque
  • Set total mixing time; stop mixing or sound alarm
  • Track total mixing time from power up
  • Stop mixing or sound alarm at desired torque reading
  • Notification of desired time or torque level
  • Integrate into existing monitoring and control systems
  • Capability for RS232 RS485 PLC and Ethernet or PC
  • Document results: speed / torque / time / date
  • Protection in aggressive environments; wash down
  • Easily access button to immediately stop mixing
  • Protects display; replaceable if covered by splashes or dust
  • Guard spinning chuck and upper shaft for safety
  • Holds shaft securely; diameters up to 16 mm (⅝")
  • Shift gears without manually stopping mixer
  • High efficiency no maintenance motor
  • Always available – no required maintenance schedule
  • CS-1740066

    Mixer 120 volts, 60 Hz. Includes chuck, chuck key, chuck shaft guard, installed screen protector, USB memory stick, four mounting bolts, grounded North American cord set, and manual (digital and printed).

Downloads & Videos


  • Do Caframo stirrers maintain speed (rpm) if the viscosity changes?

    Yes. Caframo stirrers are digitally controlled. The speed is kept constant with continuous feedback to the motor. The set speed is maintained as the solution viscosity changes.

  • I have a need for a stirrer with a digital readout and the ability to maintain constant stirring speed despite any voltage fluctuations. Can a Caframo overhead stirrer be used?

    All of our stirrers maintain speed as viscosity changes. The power supply on the BDC2002 and BDC2010 is a universal voltage power supply which means a fluctuation in voltage will not hinder the operation of the stirrer.

  • Are Caframo stirrers explosion proof?

    All Caframo stirrers are built with a brushless DC (BDC) motor which is sparkless. Although this is the case, Caframo stirrers are not deemed intrinsically safe (or explosion proof) as they have not been tested and approved for operation in Class I, Div II requirements.

  • How do I convert between N-cm, in-lb and in-oz?

    The conversions are as follows: in-lb to in-oz: multiply by 16 in-lb to N-cm: multiply by 11.36 N-cm to in-oz: multiply by 1.416 To convert the reverse, divide by the same numbers.

  • How do I choose a mixing impeller?

    To choose an impeller the volume of the mixture, the size of the mixing vessel and the viscosity of the mixture should be known. The diameter of the mixing blade should measure one third of the diameter of the vessel, and be placed a distance of one third the diameter of the vessel up from the bottom of the vessel. For thicker mixtures, use a square or “U” shaped anchor paddle. These paddles have more surface area to contact the thick product being mixed. Because thicker mixtures are usually mixed more slowly a paddle diameter closer to the full diameter of the vessel can be used so that the product close to the edge of the vessel is mixed. (A150, A250 are examples of square blade paddles; U022, U044, U055, U510 or A183 are examples of anchor paddles).

  • The paddle I need is not listed on your website. Can you make what I need?

    We are happy to make custom paddles. Email or fax a drawing showing the specifications you need and a quotation outlining a part number, price and delivery will be emailed or faxed back for approval.

  • How do I reduce the vortexing I am experiencing with my propeller?

    A baffle can be used in the vessel to reduce vortexing or the stirrer can be rotated slightly in the clamp so that the mixing shaft is not perpendicular. With the impeller on an angle, the vortex is broken and the introduction of air is minimized.

  • What are all the parts I need to start mixing?

    To start mixing the following parts are needed: stirrer motor, clamp, stand and mixing impeller. Go to the “Products” section to find the stirrers and accessories available. The Caframo BDC250 Petite stirrer comes as a package. It includes the stirrer motor, integral clamp, stand, and two mixing impellers (axial and straight blade).

  • Where can I find an impeller for the 1540?

    Caframo offers impellers for the 1540, such as a 4″ prop (A354) a 6″ prop (A356) and a 10″ anchor paddle (U510). If you are looking for other impellers, contact us to discuss further.

  • Who sells stirrers?

    Caframo overhead stirrers are sold worldwide by distributors. Click on “Distributor Locator” for our listing of Canadian, American, Mexican and International Distributors.

  • Can I buy directly from Caframo?

    Caframo overhead stirrers are sold worldwide by distributors. Click on “Distributor Locator” for our listing of Canadian, American, Mexican and International Distributors.

  • Do you drop ship?

    Yes. Caframo stirrers and accessories are shipped from stock.

  • Do the casters lock on the A118 stand?

    The A118 stand has four swivelling casters, two of which have brakes to solidly lock the stand in place.

  • When I turn on my mixer, the torque readings are high when there is no load.

    When the mixer is cold, the torque readings may be too high. The transmission is filled with a synthetic gear oil that has different viscosity properties when cold versus warm. The mixer is calibrated when manufactured after a 30 minute run in period. Run the mixer for 30 minutes at 50% of full speed in either speed range before reading torque.

  • Does the 1540 mixer have a lock-out feature that prevents someone from changing the parameters on the screen?

    The screen is locked out when the mixer is connected to one of the communication ports – USB/PC, DB9 or 4-20 mA. When the mixer is running, the speed can be changed but the menu screens cannot be accessed (torque timer menu or settings menu).

  • I had a spill on the Crossover 1540 mixer. How do I clean the motor fan blade?

    The housing and control panel can be wiped with a damp cloth using a mild soap and water solution. The fan cover may be removed for cleaning using the tool included with the mixer. Refer to user manual for full instructions. If desired, the screen protector (S200) can be removed and a new one applied to restore screen visibility and responsiveness.

  • Why does the Crossover 1540 pause when increasing or decreasing speeds?

    The 1540 pauses as it automatically shifts between gears. SHIFTING will appear on the speed display until gear shift is complete. Speed changes that do not go above or below 300 rpm will result in no pausing during mixing due to auto shifting.

  • How does a resistive touch screen work?

    A resistive touch screen works by pressure applied to the screen, regardless if touched by a gloved finger, a stylus, or end of a pencil.

  • What is Resume on Power Up?

    This is a feature that can be used if a power failure or brownout situation occurs. The mixer will automatically resume mixing with the same settings when power resumes. Pay close attention to safety notices and guarding when using this feature. Please refer to user manual for more details.

  • What is a Quick Stop?

    The Quick Stop button will immediately stop the chuck and shaft from rotating if unsafe mixing conditions should occur. It is easy to engage and locate on the front of the mixer. Stirring will stop, but the mixer remains powered on and all mixer settings are retained. The Quick Stop can be reset by rotating clockwise until the button pops out, and clearing the warning screen. Please refer to user manual for more details.

  • How can I update my 1540 software?

    Register the product on our website http://www.caframolabsolutions.com/product-registration/. A link and password will be emailed to the address provided in the registration, allowing access to the latest version of 1540 software. Notifications of any new updates will be sent to the email address in the registration. Instructions for installing software updates onto the mixer are provided in the user manual.