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Caframo Reversing Digital Stirrer - BDC2010

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Caframo has a history of great innovation in overhead stirrers. The BDC2010 (CS-1740003) stirrer is no exception and delivers 25% more power than the BDC2002 (CS-1740002) while keeping the same compact footprint, Stirlight™ and through shaft. The BDC2010 (CS-1740003) works smarter and allows the user complete mixing control. The stirring direction can be changed with the touch of the reversing button. The countdown timer times a stirring activity and beeps when completed. In xRx mode the stirrer is set up to continuously reverse from one direction to the other for a set length of time. (Picture the agitation mode of a top loading washing machine!)

  • Ambient Temperature Operation

    5-40 ºC (41-104ºF)
  • Approvals - Europe

    EN 61326-1: 2013, Europe CE, IEC 61010-1 & 61010-2 3rd Ed.
  • Approvals - North America

    CAN/CSA-22.2 Std No. 61010-1 & 61010-2-051 3rd Ed., UL/ANSI Std No. 61010-1 3rd Ed.
  • Chuck Guard

  • Chuck Maximum Shaft Diameter

    9.5 mm (⅜”)
  • Frequency

    50/60 Hz
  • Housing

    Epoxy-coated zinc
  • Output Power

    50 Watts (1/15 hp)
  • Relative Humidity Operation

  • Rotation Direction

    Clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Speed Accuracy

    +/- 1 rpm
  • Speed Display

  • Through Shaft

  • Timer

    Countdown 1-2000 minutes (33.3 hours)


    90 Ncm (7.9 in-lbs = 127 in-oz)

    15 000 mPa·s (15 000 cP)
  • Voltage

    120 volt /230 volt
  • Volume Maximum

    25 L (6.5 US Gallons)
  • Warranty

    3 years
  • Weight

    Power Supply: 0.6 kg (1.2 lb), Stirrer: 3.0 kg (7 lb)
  • xRx Mode

    1-2000 minutes (33.3 hours)


    40-2010 rpm (clockwise and/or counterclockwise)
Features & Benefits


  • Clockwise and counter clockwise stirring
  • Timer
  • Stirlight™
  • Sealed housing
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Digital display
  • Through shaft
  • Electronic digital control


  • Stirring versatility
  • Repeatability to process
  • Allows monitoring of mixing properties of batches
  • Keeps liquids and moisture out in aggressive environments
  • High efficiency (less heat)
  • Precise speed adjustment
  • Easy impeller adjustment saves time
  • Set speed is maintained as viscosity changes
  • Automatic overload protection
  • CS-1740081

    Overhead stirrer motor 220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz. Includes support rod, chuck, chuck key, external power supply, Australia cord set, and printed manual.

  • CS-1740082

    Overhead stirrer motor 220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz. Includes support rod, chuck, chuck key, external power supply, UK and EU cord sets, and printed manual.

  • CS-1740003

    Overhead stirrer motor 120-240 volts, 50/60 Hz. Includes support rod, chuck, chuck key, external power supply, grounded North American power cord, and printed manual.

Downloads & Videos


  • What does it mean when the overload LED lights up (BDC1850, BDC3030, BDC6015) or “OL” is displayed (BDC2002, BDC2010)?

    The stirrer is mixing something thicker than it is intended for and has shut down so that the motor is protected. Turn the power off, reduce the load and turn the power back on to continue operations. Refer to the owners manual for more information.

  • What maintenance is required for Caframo stirrer owners?

    Caframo overhead stirrers are maintenance free. All are manufactured with a brushless DC motor which is efficient and has a long very long life. There are no brushes that need replacing. The only wear parts are the belts of the transmission of the BDC1850, BDC303 and BDC6015.

  • Do Caframo stirrers maintain speed (rpm) if the viscosity changes?

    Yes. Caframo stirrers are digitally controlled. The speed is kept constant with continuous feedback to the motor. The set speed is maintained as the solution viscosity changes.

  • I have a need for a stirrer with a digital readout and the ability to maintain constant stirring speed despite any voltage fluctuations. Can a Caframo overhead stirrer be used?

    All of our stirrers maintain speed as viscosity changes. The power supply on the BDC2002 and BDC2010 is a universal voltage power supply which means a fluctuation in voltage will not hinder the operation of the stirrer.

  • Are Caframo stirrers explosion proof?

    All Caframo stirrers are built with a brushless DC (BDC) motor which is sparkless. Although this is the case, Caframo stirrers are not deemed intrinsically safe (or explosion proof) as they have not been tested and approved for operation in Class I, Div II requirements.

  • How do I choose a mixing impeller?

    To choose an impeller the volume of the mixture, the size of the mixing vessel and the viscosity of the mixture should be known. The diameter of the mixing blade should measure one third of the diameter of the vessel, and be placed a distance of one third the diameter of the vessel up from the bottom of the vessel. For thicker mixtures, use a square or “U” shaped anchor paddle. These paddles have more surface area to contact the thick product being mixed. Because thicker mixtures are usually mixed more slowly a paddle diameter closer to the full diameter of the vessel can be used so that the product close to the edge of the vessel is mixed. (A150, A250 are examples of square blade paddles; U022, U044, U055, U510 or A183 are examples of anchor paddles).

  • The paddle I need is not listed on your website. Can you make what I need?

    We are happy to make custom paddles. Email or fax a drawing showing the specifications you need and a quotation outlining a part number, price and delivery will be emailed or faxed back for approval.

  • How do I reduce the vortexing I am experiencing with my propeller?

    A baffle can be used in the vessel to reduce vortexing or the stirrer can be rotated slightly in the clamp so that the mixing shaft is not perpendicular. With the impeller on an angle, the vortex is broken and the introduction of air is minimized.

  • What are all the parts I need to start mixing?

    To start mixing the following parts are needed: stirrer motor, clamp, stand and mixing impeller. Go to the “Products” section to find the stirrers and accessories available. The Caframo BDC250 Petite stirrer comes as a package. It includes the stirrer motor, integral clamp, stand, and two mixing impellers (axial and straight blade).

  • What shaft diameter will a Caframo chuck accept?

    The same sized chuck is used for all Caframo overhead stirrers with the exception of the BDC250 Petite. The chuck will accept a shaft from 5 mm to 10 mm (3/16” to 3/8″). Shafts are typically 9.5 mm (3/8″) or 8 mm (5/16”) in diameter. The BDC250 Petite chuck will accept a 6 mm (0.24”) shaft.

  • What is the outer diameter of the motor output shaft (where the chuck attaches)?

    Caframo overhead stirrers have a motor shaft outer diameter of 0.511” (13 mm). This is just slightly larger than a 1/2”.

  • What are the diameters of the A110 and A210 stand rods that Caframo offers?

    The rod for the A110 stand has a diameter of 1” and is 28” long. It can be used with the BDC1850, BDC3030, BDC6015, BDC2002, or BDC2010. The rod for the A210 stand has a diameter of 5/8” and is 24” long. It is used with the BDC2010 or BDC2002.

  • What are the A110 and A210 stand bases and A120 clamp made of?

    The stand bases and clamp are cast zinc-aluminium and painted with a chemical resistant epoxy.

  • Who sells stirrers?

    Caframo overhead stirrers are sold worldwide by distributors. Click on “Distributor Locator” for our listing of Canadian, American, Mexican and International Distributors.

  • Can I buy directly from Caframo?

    Caframo overhead stirrers are sold worldwide by distributors. Click on “Distributor Locator” for our listing of Canadian, American, Mexican and International Distributors.

  • Do you drop ship?

    Yes. Caframo stirrers and accessories are shipped from stock.

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